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Using iClickers to Promote Student Engagement and Learning

102 Fernald Hall

In-person event iClickers (or other response systems) can be an extremely effective tools to engage your students in content and their own learning while simultaneously informing you about student thinking. To be maximally effective, key factors need to be considered. In this workshop, we will present research and approaches on how to maximize the information […]

Three simple steps to make your assignments more transparent and inclusive

102 Fernald Hall

In-person workshop The transparency in learning and teaching framework (TILT) is based on research which showed that by using transparent methods, learning, retention and self-efficacy is raised for all students, and in particular for first-generation students and other underrepresented groups (Winkelmas et. al.,  2016). Building transparent assignments is one concrete way to make your course […]

For Graduate TAs: Leveraging How Learning Works to Teach and Learn Better

102 Fernald Hall

In-person event Being a teaching assistant has wonderful benefits and opportunities for growth. In this workshop, we will discuss how learning works, the importance of metacognition and how you can use this knowledge to both teach and learn better. We will spend time discussing scenarios you may encounter as a teaching assistant.  We will finish […]

Politics in the Classroom

102 Fernald Hall

With the approaching November elections, conversations will likely arise in your classrooms centered around politics, political views, or politicized topics. When and how should faculty navigate these situations? Should you try to remain politically neutral or share an informed point of view?  Can you create space for multiple political perspectives in your classrooms without rancor?  […]

The Feedback Dilemma (online)


How do you balance quality of feedback with time investment?  What are strategies faculty employ to ensure that students engage with their feedback?  How do you tackle feedback at scale? What is “good feedback”?  This discussion will explore these common challenges and other questions you have about providing effective, actionable feedback. Register here for this event  […]

How Should UMaine Approach Generative AI?

Please note new date.....   Location: Fernald Hall, 1st floor Facilitators: TBD More information coming soon! Register here (opens in a new window).