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Practical Public Speaking: From Fear to Success

May 4, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Do your knees turn to jelly when it’s your turn to speak? Does your mind transform everything you thought you knew into a jumbled mess? Do you intentionally avoid uncomfortable communication situations? Public speaking may not come naturally to many of us, but with the right support and training, it can be developed. Improving your public speaking skills not only benefits your business but also benefits you personally.   

Using highlights of Tom Dowd’s Gold Medal award-winning book “From Fear to Success:  A Practical Public-Speaking Guide”, you will:

1. Learn how to relieve the stress of speaking to a crowd

2. Become skilled in speaking with notes, without notes and using slides

3. Learn how to think quickly, speak logically and engage your audience

4. Learn how to summarize by using analogies and short stories

5. Understand the importance of preparation, personal stories and mental and physical insight on reducing anxiety and increasing confidence

Most importantly, you will learn how to become influential in achieving your goals and your audience’s goals.  

**All participants will be given a free copy of  Tom Dowd’s “From Fear to Success:  A Practical Public-Speaking Guide”.**

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