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UMaine Calendar

Development: Modern Capitalist Perspectives and Gandhi-Informed and Marx-Informed Socialist Perspectives (online)


A talk by Doug Allen, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, The University of Maine. What does it mean to submit that an individual, economy, society, culture, religion, civilization, nation, or world is at a high level of development? Why are modern capitalist perspectives structurally exploitative, amoral and immoral, violent, alienating, dehumanizing, destructive, and unsustainable? We’ll present […]

Climate Change Exacerbates Inequality, but does Inequality Exacerbate Climate Change? (online)


A talk by Cindy Isenhour, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change, The University of Maine Drawing on interdisciplinary literature on anthropogenic climate drivers and potential emissions reduction, Isenhour argues that while we've long recognized the need to pay attention to issues of power, equity, and justice when planning climate adaptation programs, these issues have been […]

Family Surveillance (Note: Zoom lecture, Monday, 6 p.m.)


Dorothy Roberts, University Professor of Law, Sociology, Civil Rights, and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania Acclaimed scholar of race, gender and law, Dorothy Roberts will deliver annual Howard B. Schonberger […]

Occupation and Cooperation: Strategies for Socialism in Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement

Bangor Room, Memorial Union University of Maine, Orono, ME, United States

Bruce Gilbert, Professor of Philosophy and Liberal Arts, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec Marxist politics has often focused on seizing state power through revolutionary or electoral means, producing mostly failures of great bloodshed and violence, coup d'états and weak social democratic policies. In Brazil, the Landless Workers Movement (MST) has adopted a different strategy to build […]

Socialism in 2022 (Zoom Panel)


Sonja K. Birthisel, Director of the Wilson Center, The University of Maine Ian M. Mette, Associate Professor in Educational Leadership, UMaine Doug Allen, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, UMaine Go to for the Zoom link to join all programs and for more information about the Spring series

The End of Policing (online)


Alex Vitale, Professor of Sociology, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center and author of "The End of Policing" will be the webinar presenter. The webinar will be facilitated by Brian […]

A New Chapter in Latin America’s Pursuit of Sovereignty: Gustavo Petro’s Vision for the Future of the Americas (online)


Tamara Benson, student Core Organizer of UMaine Climate Action Ilaria Bardini, student President of the Maine Peace Action Committee Sonja K. Birthisel, Director of the Wilson Center, The University of Maine Doug Allen, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, UMaine Go to for more information about the Fall series.